Fees Related Information

To make our qualifications affordable to learners from all over the World, we have considered the World Bank list of economies (June 2021) and classified our centres into three separate regions:

  • Region 1: High income economies;
  • Region 2: Upper middle income economies; and
  • Region 3: Lower middle income and Low income economies.

Centres in the United Kingdom falls into Region 1 along with other High income economies – (normal fees apply for all Region 1 Centres).

Prospective centres and learners should read Centre region classifications and Fees structure to find which region their centre falls into and pay the appropriate fees.

It is the Centre responsibility to register learners with OTHM as soon as learners join with the Centre.

All fees are in UK Pounds Sterling (GBP) and payable to ‘OTHM Qualifications’ via bank transfer. We reserve the right to make alterations to fee structure at our discretion.