Centre Resource Requirements

All those delivering units and/or observing and assessing practice for the OTHM Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training must have all of the following:

  • A teaching qualification equivalent to Level 5 or above;
  • Evidence of relevant teaching experience in an education or training context;
  • Access to appropriate guidance and support; and
  • On-going participation in related programme quality assurance processes.

Centre staffing will be checked as part of the centre approval process, in which we will ask for copies of CV’s and teaching certificates.

Centre staff may undertake more than one role, e.g. tutor and assessor or internal quality assurer, but cannot internally verify their own assessments.

Assessors and Internal Quality Assurer

Assessor/Internal Quality Assurer TAQA qualifications are valued as qualifications for centre staff, but they are not currently a requirement for the qualification.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

Centres must support their staff to ensure that they have current knowledge of the occupational area, that delivery, mentoring, training, assessment and verification is in line with best practice, and that it takes account of any national or legislative developments. CPD records of all staff members must be available for external quality assurance.

General Resource requirements

  • Centres must have appropriate physical resources (for example equipment, IT, learning materials, teaching rooms) to support the delivery and assessment of the qualification.
  • Staff involved in the delivery and assessment process must have relevant expertise and occupational experience.
  • There must be systems in place to make sure that there is continuing professional development for staff delivering the qualification.
  • Centres should make provision for the mentoring of individuals undertaking initial teacher training.
  • Centres must have appropriate health and safety policies in place relating to the use of equipment by learners.
  • Centres must deliver the qualifications in accordance with current equality legislation.
  • Centres must have a sufficiently rigorous internal quality assurance system in place.