OTHM Qualifications
OTHM provides a track of professional qualifications that are designed for Student Members to develop progressively the skills and knowledge that they will need to help them in their careers. OTHM qualifications enable students to develop the skills that are essential to their progress within the industry:
  • Understanding of the operations, structure and culture of the industry
  • Understanding of contemporary issues in the industry
  • Information technology skills
  • Customer relations skills
Stand Alone Qualifications:
The OTHM standalone qualifications are specialist Operational area at Level 4, which students may complete alongside other OTHM qualifications or individually.
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Individual Certificates
OTHM also offers six Management Certificates. Each module is taught over 30 GLH (Guided Learning Hours).

Module Titles
  • The OTHM Hygiene, Health & Safety Management Certificate
  • The OTHM Food & Beverage Management Certificate
  • The OTHM Front Office Management Certificate
  • The OTHM Sustaining Tourism & Eco Management Certificate
  • The OTHM Conferences & Event Management Certificate
  • The OTHM Tourism Geography & Tour Management Certificate